Tuition free universities in Canada

Full list of tuition free Universities in Canada 2020

Have you been searching through the internet for the list of tuition free universities in Canada to no avail? If yes, this article will provide you all the public Universities in Canada that are affordable and with low tuition fee.

Informatively, Canada is one of the country of the world where education is of value and great importance. The schools and colleges there are of international standard.

Hence, as an international student who is on the verge of studying abroad, going down to Canada in pursuit of quality education isn’t a bad choice.

Therefore, applying or seeking into any university in Canada isn’t that rossy. Gaining entrance into any of the Universities there is fair difficult as there admission is fair competitive.

However, before listing all the Canadian universities with low tuition fee, you might want to take a look at the procedures or how to apply to any University in Canada.

The bitter truth is, there’s nothing like tuition free universities in Canada. Oh! Sorry for the disappointment. There are however, universities with low tuition fees in Canada for international students.

How to apply to any tuition free Universities in Canada

A lot have been said about the difficulties in gaining admission into any Canadian universities as there admission is fairly competitive. Majority of the universities there receive applications from numerous potential applicants.

When in reality, all there degree and post graduate programs have limited enrolment. But nevertheless, you can apply to any University of your choice in Canada successfully following these steps.

Step 1: Carry out an extensive research on your preferred university;

Step 2: All international students are required to check out there preferred school admission requirements and some of these requirements are;

Admission times;

The desired program credit score;

The university language requirements;

The school application letter format;

Personal profiles; etc.

Step 3: Get all the following documents ready. Both originals and copies:

Diploma or degree certificate;

Chosen course of study application form;

Curriculum vitae (if needed);

Declaration of intention;

Language results of not more than 12 months for English or French:

Most Canadian Universities accept these English tests: IELTS, C1 Advanced and TOEFL;

And for the French tests, these are welcomed: TEF, DALF, TCF, and DELF

Financial report;

Two letters of Academic Reference as well as your previous Letters of Employment (for post graduate); and more.

Please note: all your documents must be translated by a recognised translator into English or French.

Step 4: If you’re lucky, the school will consider you for admission.

Step 5: Then, apply for study permit and show the necessary authorities that you:

Are financially bouyant to support your education;

Undergone a medical test from a certified doctor and you have a prove that you are fit to stay in the country;

You are in Canada mainly to study;

Have informed the Immigration officers of your intention to leave Canada once you’ve completed your program; and

Have a Police Clearance showing confirming it that you are not a bad fellow and don’t have any criminal record how low so ever (this includes DUIs).

Full list of low or tuition free Universities in Canada

Below is the comprehensive list of the top Canadian universities that are tuition free.

Concordia University

Year founded: 1974
Tuition fee: $2,000 to $4,000 per student.

University of Manitoba

Year established: 1877
Tuition fee: $4000 to $13,600 per year.

Simon Fraser University

Year established: 1965
Tuition fee: $ 2,770 (domestic students) $12,125 (international students.

Mount Royal University

Year founded: 1910
Tuition fee: $5,900 for domestic students and $12,200 for foreign students.

Universite de Montreal

Year founded: 1878
Tuition fee: $9,175.

University Of British Columbia

Year founded: 1908
Tuition fee: Go here

McGill University

Year established: 1821
Tuition fee: Click here or here.

University of Prince Edward Island

Year founded: 1969
Tuition fee: $5,860

The Dominican University College

Year founded:
Tuition fee: $5,325 – $6,750.

University of Calgary

Year founded: 1908
Tuition fee: $3,693.

Memorial University OF Newfoundland

One of the best tuition free universities in Canada with international and standard curriculum.
Tuition fee: $8,800 for undergraduate and $,10,705 for master’s degree.

Acadia University

This university offers one of the best learning environment for international students.
Tuition fee: $7,495 for undergraduate and $10,546 for the postgraduate students.

Brandon University

Year founded: 1899
Tuition fee: $6,471 to $7,485.

Athabasca University

Year founded: 1970
Tuition fee: $4,440 to $9,490.

Universite De Saint-boniface

Year founded: 1818
Tuition fee: $6,420

Concordia University Of Edmonton

Year founded: 1974
Tuition fee: $2,235 – $6,540

The University Of Winnipeg

Year founded: 1967
Tuition fee: $2,940

Universite’ Saint-Anne

Year founded: 1890
Tuition fee: Not fixed.

Saint Paul University

Year founded: 1848
Tuition fee: $2,56 – $6,425

Universite De Moncton

Year founded: 1963
Tuition fee: $3,450

Canadian Mennonite University

Year founded: 1999
Tuition fee: $6,000 – $10,000

The Kings University College

Year founded: 1857
Tuition fee: $12,000 – $15,000

Southern Alberta Institute Of Technology

Year founded: 1916
Tuition fee: $3,000


At this juncture, it’s important you note that the tuition fee are not fixed as they are subject to change at any time. However, the mentioned schools are of international standard and highly recognised across Europe.

With the short explanation on how to apply for admission in any Canadian University, your should be able to utilize this full list of tuition free universities in Canada for good.

For any information or inquiry; feel free to use the comment section and visit here for more. Thanks!

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